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ArcheAge, state of the game

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Developped for the last 7 years, the game has finally been released in Korea last 16th of January. Few days later, they announced a deal with Trion Worlds to release the game in Europe, North America, Australia and NZ. Tencent will take care of the Chinese customers and Mail.ru the Russian market.

I was really pleased with these announcements, clearly showing XL Games eagerness to globally release such an awaited game this year.

When i played AA two years ago during the CBT3, it was a refreshing gaming experience despite some flaws inherent to early betas. I had to check out the Korean released product. Plenty of gold selling websites propose accounts to rent for up to three month.. here we go.

Once installed and launched, the CryEngine 3 is still doing a marvelous job at rendering characters and environments. Finally a title which let you enjoy this graphic card you spend so much on. Character creation is still an amazing and fun process. If you played Lineage 2, you will be familiar with the game’s artistic direction. Oversexualised females with cute little objects here and there, Haussmannian architecture and so on. You can clearly recognise a deep asian influence despite some efforts to please the western market. I’m a fan anyway, you really feel “dépaysé“.

The game still has a huge feature list and expanded quite a bit since CBT3, such as gliders, a new races and so on. Feel free to read my previous article about ArcheAge to find out more about it.

However, some aspects of the game remains quite outdated compared to the latest triple A. Animations and lack of decent PvE challenge, i thought the combats are quite static also compared to GW2 dodging madness. I’m also worried about the licensing aspect. Licensed version are oftenly lagging behind the original version on many levels. Sometime even altered compared to the original, mostly for marketing reasons. Finally, the business model adopted for the western market is not yet announced. Considering the high end spec necessary to run the game properly, the hardcore approach PvP wise, adding a monthly fee would dramaticly reduce the target audiance. F2P or B2P are the only viable solution in my opinion to secure a longevity for this niche game.

Hopefully, the western beta will prove me wrong.

Looking at the current results since his release in Korea, i’m confident the game will have decent numbers at release. On the long run ? That’s another story.


Written by Fallanx

February 13, 2013 at 10:32 am

Necromancy !

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evail dead

I’m back from the dead!  Last year was quite busy gaming wise, I spent much of my time on the latest blockbusters such as Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2 since alpha and more.

BF3 & D3 provided a solid gaming experience but unfortunately didn’t delivered as their predecessors, at least in my book. Only GW2 is still alive on my hard drive. Industry wise, the current trend regarding moba games is quite depressing, every major game company has to have one following the success of League of Legends.

With several ambitious projects, 2013 should be a great vintage anyway. Arma 3 , ArcheAge, Company of Heroes 2, Warface and more. I will  update my streaming page with some cool stuff very soon.

Game on.

Written by Fallanx

January 29, 2013 at 3:21 pm