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ArcheAge, state of the game

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Developped for the last 7 years, the game has finally been released in Korea last 16th of January. Few days later, they announced a deal with Trion Worlds to release the game in Europe, North America, Australia and NZ. Tencent will take care of the Chinese customers and Mail.ru the Russian market.

I was really pleased with these announcements, clearly showing XL Games eagerness to globally release such an awaited game this year.

When i played AA two years ago during the CBT3, it was a refreshing gaming experience despite some flaws inherent to early betas. I had to check out the Korean released product. Plenty of gold selling websites propose accounts to rent for up to three month.. here we go.

Once installed and launched, the CryEngine 3 is still doing a marvelous job at rendering characters and environments. Finally a title which let you enjoy this graphic card you spend so much on. Character creation is still an amazing and fun process. If you played Lineage 2, you will be familiar with the game’s artistic direction. Oversexualised females with cute little objects here and there, Haussmannian architecture and so on. You can clearly recognise a deep asian influence despite some efforts to please the western market. I’m a fan anyway, you really feel “dépaysé“.

The game still has a huge feature list and expanded quite a bit since CBT3, such as gliders, a new races and so on. Feel free to read my previous article about ArcheAge to find out more about it.

However, some aspects of the game remains quite outdated compared to the latest triple A. Animations and lack of decent PvE challenge, i thought the combats are quite static also compared to GW2 dodging madness. I’m also worried about the licensing aspect. Licensed version are oftenly lagging behind the original version on many levels. Sometime even altered compared to the original, mostly for marketing reasons. Finally, the business model adopted for the western market is not yet announced. Considering the high end spec necessary to run the game properly, the hardcore approach PvP wise, adding a monthly fee would dramaticly reduce the target audiance. F2P or B2P are the only viable solution in my opinion to secure a longevity for this niche game.

Hopefully, the western beta will prove me wrong.

Looking at the current results since his release in Korea, i’m confident the game will have decent numbers at release. On the long run ? That’s another story.


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February 13, 2013 at 10:32 am

Necromancy !

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evail dead

I’m back from the dead!  Last year was quite busy gaming wise, I spent much of my time on the latest blockbusters such as Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, Guild Wars 2 since alpha and more.

BF3 & D3 provided a solid gaming experience but unfortunately didn’t delivered as their predecessors, at least in my book. Only GW2 is still alive on my hard drive. Industry wise, the current trend regarding moba games is quite depressing, every major game company has to have one following the success of League of Legends.

With several ambitious projects, 2013 should be a great vintage anyway. Arma 3 , ArcheAge, Company of Heroes 2, Warface and more. I will  update my streaming page with some cool stuff very soon.

Game on.

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January 29, 2013 at 3:21 pm


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Murder simulations; also known as “First Person Shooters” is a type of game i particularly affectionate. Some of the best multiplayer games produced during the last decade were FPS and militarised background naturally came up. These games managed to create some of the most entertaining moment i had as a player. Battlefield mayhem is the apex of multiplayers experience, from Omaha beach, Vietnam jungles or even Bagdad streets, game developers always tried to reproduce past; current or fictionnal conflicts with more or less success.

We can easily distinguish several categories of games with this setup. Tactical shooters on a large scale being one of my favorite; I will introduce you with two games modifications,  Arma 2 mod “Warfare” and Battlefield 2 mod “Project Reality”. I choosed these mods because they are both setted in a contemporary background with excellent features.

Arma 2: Warfare

When it comes to virtually blow someone up, Bohemia Software knows it business. They started back in 2001 with the award winner Operation Flashpoint and since then developped some of the best “mil sim” on PC. Arma 2 is their latest released product and the vanilia version already provides an amazing playground of 86 square miles. With countless vehicules and weapons, Track-IR support, solo, coop and PvP modes including a sandbox aspect, this game is a must have despite numerous bugs.

Warfare mod is just the consecration.


“With 3 factions: East, West and Resistance. East and West are playable, with NPCs as Resistance.  Each town provides supply points which enable your team to build more bases and buy upgrades. To win the game players must either eliminate the other players bases or seize control of all the towns.”

So technically you’ll experience PvE and PvP in this conquest mod with a sandbox aspect. Each PC faction built bases and upgrade them with ressources obtained from captured towns. As a player you will lead a squad of npc who will follow your commands. You can even bind npc’s commands to the Track-IR movements.  After wiping NPC “resistance”, you quickly end up fighting against real players and their npc’s. Who gets access to Air supremacy first is often defining the outcome of each game.

Despite numerous bugs, especially with the NPC’s IA and many glitches, this mod is on my top list due to the gargantuan size of the map, the amount of vehicules and equipments available.

Battlefield 2: Project Reality

There’s no need to introduce Battlefield 2; who sold over 2 million copies. This blockbuster came with a SDK who managed to produce some of the most entertaining mods with many different settings. My favorite would be Project Reality for many reasons but mostly because this mod redefined the notion of teamplay within a “mil sim” oriented FPS.  Excellent coordination between Squad Leaders and the Commander using ingame VOIP  is a must. There’s also a mini sandbox aspect with the ability for each side to build a “Firebase” for players to spawn closer to the frontline. The respawn time for vehicules is increased and kits are  available in a limited amount; making every asset even more precious. Theres obviously many changes compared to the vanillia version and they did an impressive job to revamp BF2 and maintaining it with new versions on a regular basis.


To give you a precise example of how deep these changes are, players using Ground Laser Target Designator will provide targeting for another player in his fighter jet who will drop a laser guided bomb. The pilot will have to be at the right altitude; distance; angle and speed to drop his deadly ordnance and make sure he hit the target.

With several type of custom game modes, the main one being an advanced conquest mode called Assault And Secure (AAS).  Basically you have to cap all flags in a specific order, naturally creating a frontline with choke points and incredible firefights. You will have to heavily rely on your allies to prevail since capturing a flag also require several players in the caping radius.

The other game mode is called Insurgency; where coalition players will have to search & destroy randomly generated weapons caches. They will have to dodge planted IED, suicide cars and ambushes to reach their objectives. Insurgents are able to play as a fighter or as a civilian collaborator. Civilians concept is quite original as they provide human shields to insurgents and they can only throw rocks to defend themselves. With the ability to heal minor wounds; they can also use a cell phone to report infidels on the map.  Allies will have to get very close to civilians in order to arrest them using platic handcuffs. It will generate Intelligence Points, needed to reveal weapons cache. If a civilian is killed by a coalition member; it will result in a  heavy malus for the allied player and his team.

From the streets of  Al-Basrah to the deadly Korengal Valley, this mod as plenty to offer with 28 unique maps, several factions including the British Army, Israeli Defense Force, German Forces, Russian Forces, Chechen independentist, Taliban, Iraquis Insurgents and more. Black Sand Studios tried to exploit every aspect of the now ageing BF2 engine to provide a credible environment with as much realistic details as they could.

I obviously highly recommand these mods if you possess the orginal game or buy them if you don’t 🙂 This article also highlight that some of the best modifications out there push the boundaries of their original titles, boosting the sales years after the release and also to maintain a dedicated community.

So what’s next ? Well I’m now looking forward Arma 3 and Red Orchestra 2, who should provide exciting new battlegrounds with the same approach; SDK included. I’m also looking forward BF3 but this will be another article as it is action/arcadish oriented rather than simulation.

Arma 3 latest presentation during Gamescon 2011

Interresting link on the subject:


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August 20, 2011 at 11:51 pm